E-Commerce Order Return Services

Digitalab is an Singaporean E-commerce return services company that features Singaporean E-commerce return services with our in-house talents, who is committed to collaborates warehouse and logistics providers without borders, Whatever your business wants, Digitalab will be at your call for every step of the way.

Your resources are wasted if you miss some area of your sales and business strategies even having a great idea of making your business successful. In such a data-driven system, everything should stay certain to reach the business goals without any guesswork. By setting up a stable tracking system for your return. With an E-Commerce order return company, you will have a better understanding of your business decision and ultimately the greater profit return.

You can monitor the performance for each product against other aspects such as bounce rate, and goal completions so you can tweak the strategies immediately and adjust the cost accordingly. It’s always great that your solutions can be tested, and your sales margin can be enlarged as much as possible.

You will know the average order value when you can properly calculate your return on investment by knowing how the visitors order your product, how the average price is spent by each customer, and therefore the conversion rates, the ratio of how your sales are performing overall. Through our E-commerce return services, there are bunch of information for you to review including the sales revenue, the gross and net profit, the sales peak time and period, you can evaluate if they are synced with the specific business goal.

From the amount of return you can expect how your target customer group are willing to stick with your product and your brand. Apparently, you would expect to keep them the longer the best, if they are loyal enough for coming back in the next selling period, you may start to predict the future profit by tracking the record with your order return company. At this stage, we, your future E-commerce return company, are successfully creating not only a sales return tracking system but also a loyalty programme for your business.